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The New Prefabricated Building in Guangzhou Soars to 50% in 2025!!

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The New Prefabricated Building in Guangzhou Soars to 50% in 2025!!   Since the release of Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government on Vigorously Developing Prefabric

The New Prefabricated Building in Guangzhou Soars to 50% in 2025!!


Since the release of Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government on Vigorously Developing Prefabricated Buildings to Accelerate the Modernization of the Construction Industry in September, 2017, Guangzhou has achieved a lot in the promotion of prefabricated buildings.

In order to achieve the development goals of no less than 30% of the prefabricated buildings in newly-built area by 2020 and no less than 50% by 2025, Guangzhou is about to attach great importance to encourage the construction of prefabricated buildings in municipal road bridges, utility tunnel, and rail transit, etc, aiming to drive the social investment construction projects to actively develop prefabricated buildings.

In the Implementation Opinions, Guangzhou puts forward the five-year target and detailed task for the development of prefabricated buildings. For one thing, by 2020, prefabricated buildings will account for no less than 30% of new buildings. For anther thing, the proportion of prefabricated buildings to new buildings will be no less than 50% by 2025. Moreover, the prefabricated buildings will be fully implemented in large and medium-sized construction projects funded by the government, such as human housing and affordable housing. Besides, the construction project for land transfer by invitation, auction and listing will be implemented in proportion to the prefabricated building. Prefabricated construction will also be promoted in the comprehensive utility tunnel, rail transit, bridge tunnel and other municipal infrastructure projects.

Specifically, from 2017, the Guangzhou Government, the Municipal Housing Security Office, the Municipal Agency for Construction, the Guangzhou Metro Group and other related units were required to select suitable government investment projects. They needed to carry out more than one prefabricated building demonstration project, focusing on the promotion of high prefab rate, assembly rate and complete sets of components and technologies with a high-degree modernization in the construction industry, and encouraging social investment projects to carry out the construction of prefabricated building demonstration projects.

To reach the promotion goal, the Implementation Opinions regulates the details on land transfer, financial support, and tax incentives. From 2018, the construction land transferred by means of invitation, auction and listing will be included into the land transfer announcement and put into the land use contract to meet the requirement that the prefabricated building area accounts for no less than 30% of the total new construction area of the city's annual new land transfer. From 2020, the prefabricated construction area will take up no less than 50% of the total construction area of newly transferred land in the whole city. For new projects that voluntarily implement prefabricated buildings, the prefabricated exterior wall or laminated exterior wall will not be included in the reward of building area.

The financial department of Guangzhou will show its staunch support to the prefabricated construction projects with a total construction area of over 30,000 square meters and a high rate of prefabrication and assembly since 2017 (government-invested projects excluded).

Tax concessions are a significant support policy to encourage the development of prefabricated buildings. In addition, the Implementation Opinions points out that the prefabricated building industry can be included in the key industries of investment, and the assembly building enterprises identified as high-tech enterprises have chance to enjoy relevant preferential policies in accordance with the law. What’s more, for the purchase of commercial housing that has been identified as a prefabricated construction project, the down payment ratio of commercial loans and provident fund loans shall be implemented as the minimum down payment within the scope permitted by the policy, and the amount of provident fund loans may be raised as the case may be. Financial institutions have access to obtain preferential and support in terms of credit line and interest rate, if they are developing projects for parts manufacturing companies, industrial bases and fabricated buildings.

Source: Building Industrialization


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