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Market Analysis of China's Prefabricated Building in 2019

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Source:from the Internet  Translated By CIHIE Committee   Overview of China's Prefabricated Building Industry The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has clearly established the concept o
Source:from the Internet 
Translated By CIHIE Committee
Overview of China's Prefabricated Building Industry
The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has clearly established the concept of green development and promoted the development of new industrialization. Specific to the construction industry, prefabricated buildings and green buildings have become important carriers. In the next few decades, the buildings will embrace great opportunities for sustainable development.
Driven by the policies of the State Council, more than 30 provinces and municipalities across China have introduced relevant measures to develop prefabricated buildings and drive the transformation of the construction industry. On March 2019, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) carried out the pilot project of prefabricated buildings, requiring a certain proportion of engineering in the project to be steel-structure prefabricated buildings.
The Development Status of China's Prefabricated Building Industry
Since the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, the development of prefabricated buildings’ market scale tends to accelerate, and the country’s industrialization of the construction industry started to grow rapidly. According to statistics, as of 2018, the market size of China's prefabricated building reached 523.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 47.2%.
By the end of 2018, China's newly-built area of prefabricated building accounted for less than 9% of all new buildings, remaining far below the average level of developed countries.
According to the latest data released by the MOHURD, the construction cost of low-rise residential buildings with fabricated concrete structures is about 2,150 yuan each square meter, and that of the high-rise residential buildings is 2,420 yuan each square meter. The unit price of high-rise prefabricated steel-structure residential buildings is about 2,776 yuan each square meter. It’s estimated that the cost of cast-in-place concrete houses is about 2,000 yuan per square meter, and the prefabricated building has a premium of 7.5% - 38% compared with the former. From the perspective of cost, prefabricated buildings have caught up with the traditional cast-in-place buildings.
The Development Trend of the Prefabricated Building Industry in China
▪High-rise Buildings Will Be the Most.
Mainland China is similar to Singapore and Hong Kong in the land ownership system and high population density. Therefore, the prefabricated technology will be mainly used in high-rise buildings here.
▪Prefabricated Concretes Would Be the Major Structure.
Due to various reasons such as cost and performance, the concrete structure is the main structure of Chinese residential buildings. Considering the current development issues faced by high-rise steel structures, the structure system of prefabricated buildings in China will still be dominated by concrete structures.
▪Prefab’s Cost Disadvantages Will Gradually Smooth Out.
Due to the low popularizing rate of fabricated buildings and the low labor costs in China, a cost gap remains between the prefabricated building and the cast-in-place building. With the continuous increase in labor costs and the prevalence of prefabricated buildings, the cost disadvantage of the buildings will gradually be smoothed out.
▪BIM Technology Will Improve the Efficiency of the Prefabricated Industry.
The application of the BIM technology helps to improve the design details and simulate the construction process before the execution, thereby reducing the downtime and rework caused by design errors in the later stage. It also reduces material waste and ensures the efficient and orderly execution of construction.
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