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China’s Prefabricated Building Witnesses A Steady Rise

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By PMMHF Committee

Prefabricated building in recent decades has been incredibly enhanced no matter it is on construction quality or quantity with regards to the rising awareness of green and sustainable development. According to the 13th Five Year Plan Scheme Act of Prefabricated Construction issued by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the P.R.C, over 200 prefabricated building industrial bases will be set up by 2020.
Propelled by Government Incentives 
At the beginning of 2017, State Council of P.R.C released a circular accelerating prefabricated buildings which presented a target of 30 percent of newly added buildings for prefabricated buildings in 10 years. The latest statistics issued by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the P.R.C showed that approximately 127 million square meters of newly-added prefabricated buildings had been under construction as of October 2017. Thanks to the positive government incentives, prefabricated construction has been greatly propelled across China.
Apart from the government incentives driving forward prefabricated construction in China, the environment efficiency and time saving are also alluring for home contractors. 
But the prefabricated construction now in China still remains at embryonic stage, which is restrained by factors such as the low acceptance of prefabricated building, low-end technology, unsaturated labor market of technicians, undeveloped architectural design, and high production cost. Particularly prefabricated construction costs higher than the traditional construction in China due to the low reusable rate, slow production process. Each square meter of off-site construction costs CNY¥200-900 higher than the cast-in-site structure construction.
To address these issues, the governments at each region are taking active incentives financially, including the preferential policies on land bidding, credit support, transportation and subsidies, etc. According to, In Dongguan City of Guangdong Province alone, there exist more than 40 enterprises engaging in precast concrete and components, with 400,000 m2 production capacity.
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